Choosing the Right New Orleans Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right  New Orleans agent to handle the sale of your home is crucial — it is one of the most important financial transactions in your life.  You must choose an agent who is professional, experienced, dedicated to their work and most of all, they must capable of getting a good price for your property.  Checkout the 12 tips below for choosing a Realtor® in New Orleans agent to sell your home!

Pick a New Orleans Area real estate agent with experience.
The most important consideration, when choosing a real estate agent, is to choose one with experience.  If an agent has had prospered for a number of years in this tough industry, chances are they have built some formidable negotiating skills over that time.   They will know their business and know what sells a house.

Drive around your local area and look at signs
One of the best ways to get an understanding of the most popular and effective real estate agents in your area is to simply drive around and record the names of the agents you see on the for sale signs.  If you see a particular agent dominating, they will certainly have local area knowledge and are probably very good at their job, hence their popularity.  This is where you should obtain the first list of New Orleans, LA real estate agents to investigate further.

Do they have local knowledge?
Avoid choosing real estate agents in Lousiana who don’t live in an area where you are selling the property or who rarely sell properties there.  Someone with local knowledge will not only know the market, they will be familiar with all of the benefits of living in that area, which can be integrated into their sales pitch.

Do they have experience in selling houses in your price range?
Buyers in different price brackets have different expectations when it come to buying property.  A real estate agent who has spent most of their time selling multi-million dollar mansions might not be as effective at pitching the mod-cons of your cheaper 2 bedroom condominium.   If you can find a real estate agent who has a proven track record in selling the type of property you have, you will be more likely to get a quick sale.

Check online reviews and look for good word of mouth

Having good word of mouth is essential for a successful real estate agent, so check with your friends, family and colleagues about their dealings with real estate agents in the area.  If they have a real estate agent to recommend, add them to your interview list.  You can also check online review sites for reviews of real estate agents.  Also, logon to real estate forums and ask for recommendations in your area.

Check their online presence

Having a successful online presence is more crucial than ever for a real estate agent.  Do they have a professional website which is easy to navigate?  If you list your property with them, what websites will the listing appear on?  Will they use any online advertising to promote your property?

Look at their promotional materials
While considering how the real estate agent will promote your property online, consider the offline avenues.  Look at their current promotional materials.  Do they do letter box drops, print a magazine, provide fridge stickers?  Is the material professional and does it look like it could be effective?

Look up their real estate license
Every state will have a real estate regulatory body for real estate agent licensees.  Make sure any potential real estate agent is signed up as an official real estate agent with any relevant regulatory bodies.

Look for an agent that is busy, but not too busy
This part is tricky, because you want a real estate agent that is busy with work and sales, but not too busy to service your needs.  Are they constantly inundated with phone calls?  Do they take a long time to return your phone calls?  If you call an agent about a meeting and they don’t get back to you within 24 hours, that is a warning sign that they are either too busy or incompetent!

Pick a real estate agent who has been successful

Google your prospective real estate agents to see if any of them have won awards.  An agent who has won the acclaim of his peers must be doing something right.

Meet with the real estate agent at an open house
A good way to further investigate a potential real estate agent is to attend an open house they are running.  Is the open house presented well?  Is all of the promotional material professional?  Does the agent make himself available to you and does he “sell” the house to you well?  By seeing the agent in action, you can quickly ascertain if you like their style and if you think they will be effective at selling your property.

Interview at least 3 agents and ask them the right questions
Finally, having narrowed down your shortlist of real estate agents, it is time to interview them.  Ideally you will have at least 3 agents left on the list by this point.

You will only need about 15 minutes of their time.  At a bare minimum, you should ask them the following questions:

1) Where they live
2) How many sales did they make last year
3) How would they describe current market conditions
4) How will they promote your property
5) How often will they keep you informed of changes relating to your property
6) How much do they know about the local area
7) What is their commission
8) Can they provide references

In addition, you should ask any questions which are particularly relevant to the sale of your property.

After the interview, think about the answers they provided and make sure you are comfortable with their personality.  Did they seem authentic to you?  If you don’t feel like you can trust them to work in your best interests, choose another agent.

By properly researching real estate agents in your area, you can get the price you are after, and also make the entire process much smoother!
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During our home building process, I made the decision to be hands on and acted as the general contractor.  After 4 months of constant work, late nights and supervising construction, we recently finished building our “dream home“.  We are happy to call Madisonville home and be able to experience our “Southern View” here on the North shore.

During my experience as a General Contractor, I realized my passion for real estate.  As a licensed Realtor, I am now able to help others find their dream home and experience their “Southern View”

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BUYING? We would LOVE to assist you in finding your “dream home.” We will pay excellent attention to your list of housing needs as we search for the perfect home for you. We know the area well and will give you insight on what might work best for your family and personal interests. We will devote our time to help you find your dream home as if we were looking for our own. There are so many lovely homes in this area, we are sure to find the perfect one for you within your price range!

We would be honored to earn your trust and help you find your own beautiful SOUTHERN VIEW!

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will probably ever make. Having the right real estate agent representing you is crucial to having a successful transaction.

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