Selling a home in New Orleans, LA | Reasons To Use a Real Estate Agent

Selling homes in New Orleans LouisianaSelling a home in New Orleans, La may prove to be difficult on your own. There are many reasons to use a real estate agent in New Orleans. Many home owners in New Orleans or home owners to be tend to assume that the process of buying and selling property is quite easy and straightforward. With all information seemingly being online, the significance of hiring a real estate agent to do their biddings has not really sunk in. Today we highlight the benefits of getting this done using a New Orleans real estate agent.


A New Orleans real estate agent has widespread expertise in the property buying and selling business. He or she knows all the tricks in the books which will enable you to get the best deal in town. Moreover, the right real estate agent will also add a professional touch to the job, creating a sense of confidence to both the buyer and the seller.

With the many scams that are becoming more and more common, buyers will be more likely to work with you if you have a licensed professional on your side. This will also help you as well as you will seam like a more serious seller. Buyer’s real estate agents also have great experience with buying homes. These agents want to make their clients happy by getting them the best deal on a home for sale in New Orleans.

Time Saving

With the help of experience, agents are able to tell potential clients from those who may be merely passersby’s. From the tone of their voices on the telephone to even from the words stated in their email inquiries, agents can quickly tell who your serious buyers may be. A lot of time is saved as a result. Being able to weed out the irrelevant clients and set apart only the serious buyers ensure that serious buyers are given opportunities to attend property showings and visits.

If you hire a real estate agent from The Mixon Team, you will be getting a full time professional who is putting your needs first. They will be able to show your home to potential buyers while you are at work or out running errands. A professional real estate agent will also know when and how to host an open house which will attract potential buyers. Meeting with a real estate agent will also help potential buyers not feel awkward while touring your home. The amount of time that you will be saved is just one of the reasons to use a real estate agent in New Orleans.

Neighborhood Knowledge

An agent will always have his ears to the ground about various locations. This enables him to know what would spontaneously count as an upgrade hence increase the value of a property within any neighborhood. It may even be a little waiting period, 30 days or so, and you get a window to add 50 grand to your selling price. Buyers are also set up with only the best opportunities from this knowledge, hence getting the best value for their money.

There have been many studies about hiring a real estate agent to sell your home. It is very likely that you will get more money in your pocket when you use a professional real estate agent like those from The Mixon Team. Professional real estate agents will make sure they earn their commission and make their involvement more than worth your while.

Handling Documentation

Dealing with volumes of paperwork may be very demanding and exhausting, especially for someone who is not very conversant with that work. Today, purchase agreements may run up to 10 pages and even more. Furthermore, there are still a number of documentation that are to be included in the sale of a property, leading to about 3 inches of paper. Any error or omission could lead to a court case and cost the seller thousands. For this reason once the duty has been assigned to a real estate agent, this baggage is assured to be handled appropriately.

Handling Queries

Of of the reasons to use a real estate agent in New Orleans is to handle the issues after the sale. Most times after closing a sale, some problems may crop up, especially if you were the buyer. For instance, tax transfers may fall some months behind and eventually get mixed up with invoices. With a simple call to your agent, all these issues will be quickly resolved as opposed to you having to run around, especially if you do not know where to start. A good agent will always have your back.

Only the most reliable agents survive in this career. Real estate agents know that giving their clients an assurance that the client’s needs are top priority and work hard to ensure their satisfaction. Jaime Mixon and The Mixon Group are the most reliable real estate agents within this location.